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Impact of Stage 4 restrictions on Victorian employers


With the introduction of Stage 4 restrictions in Victoria, employers are facing additional requirements if they are to continue operating. Whilst some businesses will be required to completely stop their operations, others will be allowed to continue operating, subject to additional obligations, including having in place a COVID Safe Plan.… READ MORE →

Redundancy pay and the reduction of an employee’s hours of work


Broadlex Services Pty Ltd v United Workers’ Union [2020] FCA 867 The Federal Court has clarified, on appeal, a grey area for employers as to whether an obligation to pay redundancy entitlements is triggered in circumstances where an employee continues their employment with the same employer, however, on substantially inferior… READ MORE →

How the University sector is responding to COVID-19


COVID-19 presents the University sector with a unique set of challenges.  These include staffing issues arising from a rapid transition to remote learning, funding shortfalls and proposed fee changes, and the different dynamics impacting local and international enrolments.  Workdynamic is keeping up to date on University employment strategies in this… READ MORE →


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